Eastsea  Flash Screensaver (flash to screensaver, swf to scr, flv to scr)
Eastsea Flash Screensaver is an easy to use and powerful tool that helps you convert Flash movie (SWF, FLV) into  Screensaver within minutes.

 Eastsea Flash Screensaver




 Eastsea Flash Screensaver
  Eastsea Flash Screensaver is an easy to use and powerful tool that helps you convert Flash movies( swf and flv file) into Screensavers within minutes. It also allows users to build self-installation packages (*.exe) for distribution. That makes it much more easier to install the screensavers on any PC you wish.

No programming skills needed: just add flash files to Eastsea Flash Screensaver with a point-and-click. Eastsea Flash Screensaver consists of a great interface, very nice to view and easy to use. It only takes you about 1 minute to have your own screen saver.

Eastsea Flash Screensaver key features:
  • Complete Flash 3, 4, 5 and MX support .
  • Professional Windows Screensavers.
  • Convert Flash file (.swf and .flv) to screensaver, executable form (.exe) and self-installation packages.
  • Support background sound files: Mp3 and Wav files.
  • Customize Screen Saver background color, size and Text.
  • Step by Step interface, Create your own Screensaver easily.
  • Output installer file, you can directly install the screensaver by this file.
  • Support multiple Flash files from local directories.
  • You can preview the screensaver before you build it.
  • Supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7.
  • High converting speed, wonderful output quality

Regular Price: US$45.95
ONLY US$24.95!!

Eastsea Flash Screensaver is designed for a broad array of users. Customers can easily create personality screen saver with using Eastsea Flash Screensaver.

Corporate Users who create screen savers for company interests.

Computer Professionals who offer design and consulting services to clients.

Small Businesses that build screen savers to market their own products and services.

Hobbyists who use the product at home to create their own personal screen savers.

Regardless of a user's technical sophistication, Eastsea Flash Screensaver makes it easy to create professional-quality screen savers.

How to use Eastsea Flash Screensaver
 Build your own screen savers within one minute!
(1) Run Eastsea Flash Screensaver from Windows program menu or Windows desktop.
(2) Add flash files by clicking the "Add files" button  and select flash files from your hard drive. You can also remove the file with the "Remove File" and "Clear all" buttons.
(3) Eastsea Flash Screensaver has a built-in pretty mini player, the Flash movie files can be played by double-clicking it or selecting it first then clicking the "Play" button.
(4) Click "Options" to Customize Screen Saver background color, backup music, size and Text.
(5) Click  "Build" tab,  Select output folder and file type. then Clicking the "Make Now!" button, The  converted files will be saved to output folder.
(6) ABC Flash Screensaver Maker uses the *.fsm file to save the converting project. You can open *.fsm files to import your list to the converting project too.


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