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Eastsea Html to Image Converter is a flexible and easy-to-use tool that converts html page from any URL to image and PDF files. It captures the whole web page's content into JPG, BMP or GIF, PDF on the fly.

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 Eastsea Html to Image Converter (support Windows 7 and IE9)
  Eastsea Html to Image Converter is a flexible and easy-to-use tool that converts html page from any URL to image and PDF files. It captures the whole web page's content into JPG, BMP, Tiff, PNG, PDF or GIF on the fly. It has an user friendly interface that supports drag & drop. You can convert many pages in batches.

  Eastsea Html to Image Converter makes batch file conversion simple. Create a batch list of many html pages and convert them all to a single selected image format. The converted files will be saved to a pre-selected directory folder and the original files will remain untouched.
Eastsea Html to Image Converter key features:
  • Support Batch converting webpage on the website directly to JPG, PNG, Tiff, BMP, GIF with “Add URL”.
  • Support Batch converting Htm/Html to JPG, PNG, Tiff, BMP, GIF with “Add URL” or  “Add Html Files”
  • Converts web page from any URL to multi-page PDF files.
  • Converts local html file to TEXT files.
  • Batch conversion is supported.
  • Save the imported file list.
  • Create output files with high good quality.
  • Generate webpage thumbnails.
  • Easy to use with intuitive user interface and drag-drop feature.
  • Built-in pretty mini browser.
  • Support custom image watermark and text watermark.
  • Adjust output image quality.
  • Converting Schedule: start converting at any time you set.
  • Run at background, web pages don't need to be displayed for capturing.
  • And much more...

Regular Price: US$49.95
ONLY US$29.95!!

key Features
Converts html page from any URL to JPG, BMP, PNG, Tiff, GIF, TEXT or PDF.
Support converting local HTML, MHT, TXT files to image and PDF files.
Converting Schedule: start converting at any time you set.
Built-in pretty mini browser. 
Batch conversion is supported.

Image Formats

BMP (Windows Bitmap)
Commonly used by Microsoft Windows programs, and the Windows operating system itself. Lossless compression can be specified (RLE), but some programs use only uncompressed files.

JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group, JPEG)
JPEG is used extensively for photos and other continuous tone images on the web. Uses lossy compression by trying to equalize eight by eight pixel blocks; the quality can vary greatly depending on the compression settings.

Gif (Graphics Interchange Format)
GIF is used extensively on the web. Supports animated images. Supports only 255 colors per frame, so requires lossy quantization for full-color photos (dithering); using multiple frames can improve color precision. Uses lossless LZW compression, which used to make GIF sometimes undesirable due to LZW patent issues.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
Tiff was developed by Aldus Corporation specifically for saving images that were captured with scanners or frame grabbers, and manipulated with paint/photo-retouching programs. Now, it is probably the most versatile, reliable, and widely supported Lab indexed-colour, and bitmap files. Many museum digital imaging projects use this format for archival and/or working digital copies.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
PNG was developed as a patent-free alternative to GIF. The PNG format is used for lossless compression and displaying images on the World Wide Web. Unlike GIF, PNG supports 24-bit and higher images and produces background transparency without jagged edges; however, some older versions of Web browsers may not support PNG images. The PNG format supports greyscale and RGB colour modes.

PDF (Portable Document Format)

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 for document exchange. PDF is used for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system.
Each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout 2-D document (and, with Acrobat 3-D, embedded 3-D documents) that includes the text, fonts, images, and 2-D vector graphics which comprise the documents.
PDF is an open standard that was officially published on July 1, 2008 by the ISO as ISO 32000-1:2008

Supported Formats?

Convert web page to image
Convert web page to pdf
Convert web page to jpg
Convert web page to bmp
Convert web page to tiff
Convert web page to png
Convert web page to text
Convert html to image
Convert html to pdf
Convert html to jpg
Convert html to bmp
Convert html to tiff
Convert html to png
Convert local html(htm) to text



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